When my fiancé and I discovered Mighty Arrow at Big Hoss BBQ last year, we raved about the light, crisp, and deliciously hoppy brew, then bought six-packs to share with friends. Since then, I’d been eagerly awaiting the spring seasonal’s appearance, especially with New Belgium’s recent release of the excellent Ranger IPA.

I recently came across Mighty Arrow at a neighborhood bar, where I overheard the bartender tell another patron that it tasted like “Fat Tire doubled.” That’s not the Mighty Arrow I remember, I thought, but it did taste quite different from last year’s batch. While it has a very clean bouquet on the nose, the flavors are much heavier and sweeter, and the malts do indeed resemble the same character as Fat Tire’s.

I called New Belgium to see if they’ve altered their recipe, which isn’t the case. Still, this maltier-tasting cousin is great news for Fat Tire fans looking for a variation in their spring drinking.