odell-isolation-170x225I’m not sure which I like more, eating on Thanksgiving or drinking on Thanksgiving. Instead of doing a family affair, my friends (who are mostly transplants) organize a rollicking Thanksgiving every year. We all contribute dishes of food, bottles of wine, and six-packs, and it’s always one of the most fun nights of the year.

This week’s seasonal beer selection is geared toward folks like us—people looking for the perfect six-pack to bring to Thanksgiving dinner. The answer? Odell Brewing’s winter seasonal: Isolation Ale.

The beer stands alone well. The initial taste is a brilliant match of both rich malts and a strong blast of hops, and they both fade quickly on the tongue.

Isolation will also pair with nearly every dish on the Thanksgiving menu. I’ve read recommendations for serving it with both poultry and dessert, and I can’t argue with either of those suggestions. The strong flavors will stand up to a seasoned stuffing and rich gravy on the turkey, but the sweeter caramel notes of the malts could also make it an excellent complement to your pecan pie.