Last summer we searched high and low to find food-related apps to help you pick a restaurant, order the right dish, and even estimate calories. Since a year is a lifetime in the digital world, we did it again. Here, five more food apps to whet your appetite.

Dirty Dozen

Android & iOS, free

Walk into any grocery store, and the first thing you’ll likely see is the produce department. What you won’t see are the pesticides and other harmful substances that coat all those fruits and veggies you’re about to buy. That’s where Dirty Dozen comes in: The app ranks produce, using data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration, from most-contaminated-to-least. Sadly, apples are number one, followed by strawberries and grapes.


Android & iOS, free

By organizing the homegrown food scene around you, the Locavore app makes buying and cooking local a breeze. Whether you’re in Aspen for the weekend, San Francisco on business, or at home in Denver, the app shows the farms and farmers’ markets near your current location. Locavore also tells you what’s in season and how to use your local goodies with recipes and photos.

Find Me Gluten Free

Android & iOS, free

Find Me Gluten Free is exactly what it sounds like—a celiac or dieter’s best friend. With geolocation technology from your phone, the app filters restaurants around you to find gluten free–friendly spots and gluten free menu options. It even includes fast food stops and chains, such as Taco Bell and Ted’s Montana Grill.


Android & iOS, free

Savored works like OpenTable, a partner of the app, by making reservations for you. What’s unique about Savored, though, is that it can save you up to 40 percent off your bill by suggesting certain times and places to dine. Simply browse by cuisine, neighborhood, or what’s trending, and book a table. Billed as a “smarter way to dine,” it may become your favorite way to save.


Android & iOS, free

If you find yourself without a reservation on a busy Friday night, NoWait can help. The app shows you how long the wait time is at restaurants and puts you on the wait list. Check in with NoWait to decide if you should simply hang out for a few minutes, or pop into a neighboring bar for a cocktail before you’re seated.

—Image via Shutterstock