On a recent frosty evening, a friend and I sought comfort at Encore on Colfax. In the mood for hearty fare, we ordered two lamb dishes: fresh tagliatelle smothered with lamb ragu, and lamb T-bones served with chewy Brie popovers. In both, the meat was tender, sweet, and surprisingly mellow, without any of the gamey aftertaste so often associated with lamb.

Encore obtains its lamb from Ewe Bet Ranch, a family operation in Loveland. Owner Teresa Beemer believes the sweetness is the result of feeding her Rambouillet lamb local grass and feed and exercising them regularly.

While you can often find Ewe Bet lamb dishes on Encore’s menu, you can also prepare the meat at home. Place an order and pick it up at the ranch (Beemer can ship directly, but it costs extra). Whole and half lambs are available, and all are cut according to your specifications.

Encore on Colfax, 2550 E. Colfax Ave., 303-355-1112

Ewe Bet Ranch, 1850 E. Highway 60, Loveland, 970-635-2379