On St. Patrick’s Day, it’s not just great to be Irish, it’s also nice to be in the Irish-themed restaurant and bar biz. Mike O’Shay’s Restaurant and Alehouse in Boulder expects to go through 12 kegs of Guinness, 800 pounds of corned beef, 400 pounds of potatoes, and 400 pounds of cabbage today. “It’s by far the busiest day of the year,” says owner Mike Shea (BusinessNewsDaily). Denver bars have similar stories. Danny Eatlinar, a bartender at the Irish Snug on Colfax Avenue and Marion Street, tells Westword he’s preparing for a 19-hour shift: “You just see so many random people that come in, and it’s nuts.”

On the subject of a good brew, Aurora’s award-winning Dry Dock Brewing will change the name of its Seven Seas Double IPA after receiving a “nasty” letter from a lawyer representing 7 Seas Brewing Company in Washington state (Westword).

Meanwhile, the historic Ghost Building at 800 18th St. is being sold to the Wynkoop Brewing Co. and Breckenridge Brewery for an undisclosed amount (Denver Post). A restaurant will open on the ground floor with real-estate offices on the second and third floors.