The argument over what to do with the suspected terrorist detainees when the prison at Guantanamo Bay closes is starting to look like the nation’s clash over where to store nuclear waste, writes The Washington Times. President Barack Obama’s vow to close the military prison within a year has Republicans in Colorado “quickly trying to score political points.” Governor Bill Ritter has indicated that if the feds want to bring the 245 inmates to Supermax in Florence, just west of Pueblo, it’s okay by him. In response, several Republican state legislators stated opposition in a petition that has managed to win the support of a few Democrats, as Face the State notes. Ritter, quoted by News 8 in Grand Junction, isn’t budging and is disappointed the issue is being used as a “political wedge.” Meanwhile, one of Supermax’s residents, convicted 9/11 conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui, was in federal court yesterday to ask that his conviction be overturned, arguing that his constitutional rights were violated, The Washington Post reports.