I went out the other evening to attend Self Made, a weekly informal arts lecture held at Double Daughter’s Salotto, expecting to hear about Nancy Misbach’s career as an artist and designer who creates hand-bound books. I figured it would be an artsy-intellectual scene where I might meet a few creative types and sip martinis while engaging in stimulating conversation.

That was pretty much what happened, until Nancy surprised us all by pulling out paper, scissors, glue, and a stack of magazines, and announced that we would be making our own mini book collages. We glanced around at each other, and after a short pause, the entire group dropped down onto the floor and sat cross-legged at the table. Then we started cutting. I think I had forgotten how fun and engrossing group art projects can be. Before I knew it, two hours had passed, my parking meter was about to run out, and I had to leave before finishing my mini book. But Nance sent me home with my paper, my magazine clippings, and a glue stick. Maybe tonight I’ll plop down in front of the coffee table, put away the computer, turn off the TV, and finish my art homework.

Next week, photographer Edie Winograde will be hosting the gathering. If she has any idea for interactive projects, I’ll be ready and willing. I may even bring my camera.