Sen. Ken Salazar sent out a press release today (received by e-mail) advising he will vote against confirming Judge Sam Alito to the Supreme Court.

I am convinced, based upon a very careful review of his record, that Judge Alito will move the Supreme Court outside the mainstream of American law. Judge Alito’s judicial philosophy will expand Executive power too far, hurt the checks and balances built into our Constitution to protect us all, and roll back important civil rights protections that were achieved in our country through the sacrifices of many.

Specifically, Salazar says:

  • Judge Alito would close the nation’s courthouses to the weakest and poorest among us.
  • Judge Alito would reverse our progress on the laws that promote diversity in our country.

A filibuster is unlikely as it would require 60 votes to be sustained and the Democrats have only 45 votes. As of now, only one Democrat, Ben Nelson of Nebraska, has said he will vote for Judge Alito, but no Republicans have jumped ship.