Last week, Sen. Ken Salazar was on the fence about Attorney General nominee Michael Mukasey. He said he would wait to decide until he had the opportunity to meet with him personally.The meeting has taken place and Sen. Salazar says he will vote “no” on Mukasey’s confirmation.

Salazar said he questioned Michael Mukasey privately Tuesday and was “deeply troubled” by the Justice Department nominee’s response when asked how he would react to a government request to use waterboarding in an interrogation setting.According to Salazar, Mukasey said his reaction would depend on whether there was an intent to cause pain. “That answer is unacceptable. Waterboarding is torture,” Salazar said in a conference call with reporters. “This is not a complex issue. It is not open to interpretation.”

Let’s give praise where praise is due. Sen. Salazar made the right decision.