The bill to end the state ban of Sunday liquor sales passed the Colorado Senate Thursday.

The Sunday ban has been in effect since 1933. 35 other states allow liquor to be sold on Sundays.

The bill now goes to Governor Ritter for his signature. From past comments, it appears he will sign the bill. But, he’s agreed to meet with both sides before making a final decision.

The main objection seems not to be that it’s Sunday but that it’s the one day a week convenience and grocery stores have an edge because they can sell 3.2 beer.

Grocery and convenience store owners counter that it would slash their sales of low-strength 3.2 beer. They note that the lion’s share of 3.2 percent alcohol sales occur on Sunday, when liquor stores are shut. “We are very thankful to the governor that he wants to discuss this,” said Grier Bailey, manager of government affairs for the Colorado Convenience Store Association. “We’re seriously concerned about the impact on the 3.2 market.”

One possible solution: Allow grocery stores and convenience stores to sell full-strength beer and wine. That proposal, however, doesn’t sit well with liquor store owners who say then the convenience and grocery stores would put them out of business.

Predictions, anyone? I think Gov. Ritter will come down on the side of consumers and their convenience and sign the bill.