A group of Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. Senate “worked furiously in backroom negotiations” into the night, hoping to slash billions from the $920 billion economic stimulus plan, according to The New York Times. The group identified $90 billion in cuts by early evening, including $40 billion in aid to states and $1.5 billion to bring broadband Internet to rural areas.

Colorado’s two senators, Mark Udall (pictured) and Michael Bennet, both Democrats, appear to support the measure, which could come to a vote today.

“I’ve spent my time here talking to economists and I can tell you that if Congress doesn’t pass the stimulus package, we’re going to be in even rougher shape than we’re in now,” Bennet said (via the Pueblo Chieftain). Udall declined to go into detail but voiced support for $800 billion in stimulus spending.

Earlier this week, Colorado’s House Democrats voted in favor an $819 billion package, while the state’s Republicans voted against it.

Meanwhile, the Rocky Mountain News reports that Colorado’s unemployment system is strained, responding to a record number of claims.