Hard-working dogs who help blind people and work with police and rescue squads are eligible for free eye exams next month, courtesy of Colorado State University veterinarians, as part of a national public service effort representing the largest of its kind in the history of veterinary ophthalmology, according to The Denver Post.

The effort is meant to preserve the sight of thousands of dogs across the country. Eye exams for pooches are normally $85, just expensive enough for owners to overlook, even though so-called “service” dogs are quite an investment.

Just ask four-year-old Ethan Rines, who needs a dog to help protect him against consuming peanut particles, which can be deadly to him, according to the Sun Journal in Maine. The Rines family is seeking help from the community to get a peanut-sniffing dog capable of–get this–calling 911 through Angel Service Dogs. Such dogs cost about $10,000.

Perhaps one of the more than 100 dogs rescued from an Arkansas puppy mill last week and taken to the Denver Dumb Friends League (via CBS4) is up for the job.