Are food-related mobile apps the greatest thing since sliced bread? Your stomach probably thinks so. There’s no shortage of apps for just about anything—recipes, ordering in, reservations—but finding the ones that actually work the way you want them to is a different story. With a little research (ahem, tasting) we honed in on some of the best food apps out there for your consumption.

Chefs Feed (iOS)


Ever wonder what Emeril Lagasse or Denver’s Jennifer Jasinski eat? Chefs Feed collects insider tips and picks from chefs in 23 cities worldwide, giving you access to the pros favorite spots and dishes around the world. Lagasse’s favorite is the shrimp po’boy from Domilise’s Po-Boy and Bar in New Orleans. As for Jasinski, she likes the red kuri squash from the Squeaky Bean right here in Denver.

Evernote Food (iOS and Android)


Discover and remember food and meals you love with the tap of a finger. Explore thousands of recipes, use GPS to locate restaurants nearby or for upcoming trips, or share your meals with friends through email, Twitter, and Facebook. The app allows you to discover, capture, and share your most memorable food moments through photos, notes, and clips. As a bonus, since Evernote Food is part of Evernote, if you clip recipes with the Evernote Web Clipper on your desktop, those recipes will show up on your device.

Forkly (iOS, Android coming soon)


There is nothing worse than ordering the wrong dish at a great restaurant. Forkly helps you avoid that. Designed in Denver, Forkly takes into account your likes and dislikes and shows you local favorites, new menu items, and global recommendations on a dish level. No long-winded reviews here, the Forkly DishScore tells you what’s good at a glance so you can enjoy a hidden gem from your corner joint, or a great bite in a new city.

Meal Snap (iOS)


Curious how many calories are in your favorite Marg’s taco? Take a pic and Meal Snap will automagically calculate the calories. Track your meals over time, share your meals on Facebook, Twitter, or Foursquare, and view estimated calories by meal or each day. But remember, sometimes ignorance is bliss.

Ness (iOS)


Ness is at your service. The app instantly recommends restaurants around you based on the kinds of places you like, what you’re in the mood for, and where you are. Similar to how Netflix recommends movies for you, Ness learns your tastes as you rate, save, and dismiss restaurants, then finds new places you’ll love and lists them by proximity to your current location. You can save your favorites, make reservations via OpenTable, view menus or browse photos from Instagram to get a sense of each place. With more than 600,000 restaurants across the country, your next breakfast, lunch, or dinner should be exactly what you like.

Beanhunter (iOS and Android)


Get your caffeine fix no matter where you are. Beanhunter points you toward the best places for great coffee all over the world. Searchable by cafe name, location, or user reviews, the perfect latte or Americano is a tap away.

Localmind (iOS and Android)


Wondering how long the line is at Little Man Ice Cream or the wait time to sit down at at Snooze is? Ping Localmind to find out. The app leverages existing check-ins through Foursquare and Facebook to put users in touch about what is happening. Simply send a question and users who have checked-in will be notified and can answer you right back in real-time so that you can race to Little Man when the line is short.

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App logos courtesy of respective companies