In 2008, as securities regulators failed to catch unscrupulous investment advisers before the stock markets took a dive, the computers in the Security and Exchange Commission’s regional offices saw quite a bit of action. Thirty-three SEC employees and contractors in several offices around the country, including Denver’s, have been investigated for viewing perhaps tens of thousands of pages in porn websites or other sexually explicit material on official computers between 2005 and 2010 (7News).

Many of the employees were considered senior level—17 earned at least $99,000 annually—while the contractors worked for Labat-Anderson, CACI International, Garda Security, Keane Federal, and ISN Corp. (Denver Post). Denver attorney Kevin Evans wants to know exactly who they are, but his Freedom of Information Act request has been denied by a judge. The employees were “counseled or disciplined” or have resigned as a result of accessing the porn, which ran the gamut in terms of content (9News).