Does anyone else remember Industry, the old dance club above the Diamond Cabaret before Alley Cat came and went?

I do. Specifically, I remember that 10 years ago it was very cutting edge with its cage dancers and big shadow screens, where those of us who were feeling brave (or tipsy, as was often the case) slunk back and did our best stripper impressions, safely behind the screen so that nothing more than our silhouette actually showed. We thought we were so cool back then, but that era passed.

Now it seems that shadow dancing is back. The Spy Bar opens Friday at the Denver Pavilions, next to Curt Sims’ sister club, Beyond nightclub. (Curt also owns Lime, and the space that housed Cielo.)

Friday is a private party that all the media hounds in town are buzzing about (Free drinks! Half-naked shadow dancers! Spy cameras!), and Saturday is the public opening. Apart from the slinky shadows, the “spy” portion of the bar consists of plasma screens in the VIP seating areas that YOU can program to show spy dramas, James Bond flicks, or tune into one of 12 cameras places around the club to see what’s happening without leaving your cushy little perch.

Hmm. I’m game to check it out, if not the slinking-behind-the-screen part anymore. Maybe the Pavilions is actually becoming a place to see-and-be-seen.

At least on camera, anyway.