Need to get out and move around before the big feast tomorrow? Hit the clubs tonight; the night before Thanksgiving is one of the busiest club nights of the year. A few ideas:

Head to Beyond tonight to dance to hip hop, house, and pop mixes. The club is waiving the cover charge tonight to say “thanks” to their loyal customers.

Being the haven of retro kitsch that it is, Polly Esther’s had to do something cheesy tonight. Hit “Jive Turkey” to get your 70’s groove on and dance the night away to disco tunes.

At 5 Degrees, it’s free drinks for the ladies all night, so come thirsty. Boys get to skip the cover (free for ladies) and take in lots of juicy (juiced?) eye candy.

And tomorrow, the Orphan’s Thanksgiving celebration at Donkey Den, Grenade, and Gavi offers two choices for those stranded without a turkey. Gavi (a new Italian/Spanish restaurant at 1111 Lincoln St.) is offering the “adults table” – a four course meal with wine, and Donkey Den is serving up the “kid’s table,” with a traditional turkey feast. The scene changes after 10 p.m. into a dance party to help digest that massive feast.

Happy Thanksgiving.