After agreeing to $36,000 in restitution and completing time in jail, Richard and Mayumi Heene, the parents blamed for the “balloon boy” fiasco, recently retrieved their balloon from the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office (via 9News). In her blog, Eloise Campanella, the spokeswoman for the office, says the Heenes measured the balloon before leaving with it. “Here comes the good part,” she writes. “Are you ready? It’s a doozie. Sheriff’s Office personnel had to help him lay out the balloon. He said he wanted to measure it to make sure it was HIS balloon … as opposed to all the other silver, flying saucer-type devices we have in evidence. Or did he think someone here would have taken the time to build a reasonable facsimile to switch with his and then sell on eBay?” The Fort Collins Coloradoan follows up with Richard Heene. He tells the newspaper that he measured the balloon because he and investigators have disagreed about its size. The paper also has pictures Campanella took of the Heenes retrieving and measuring the balloon, which Sheriff Jim Alderden may use while speaking at the FBI Academy and other law-enforcement personnel and public information officers’ conferences.