Stuck in traffic on I-70 this time of year, one has plenty of time to daydream about a second home in the mountains. My husband and I have the conversation just about every time we head up the hill: Where would it be? We’d probably have to rent it out when we’re not using it to make it affordable. It wouldn’t have to be huge—one bedroom would do—but we’d want to be able to invite guests up. And a hot tub? Non-negotiable.

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On a recent visit to Cherry Creek Shopping Center’s Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams, which opened in June as the 21st location in country, I found myself caught up in a similar reverie: How would we outfit our hypothetical Rocky Mountain condo? As it turns out, I was in the perfect place for that particular fantasy, for a few reasons. The first is the made-in-the-USA furniture’s aesthetic—a rustic, luxe, nature-meets-nurture look perfect for a modern-day chalet vibe. The second is the brand’s focus on comfort, durability (backed by a lifetime warranty on all frames and cushions), and functionality. These are all musts for a place to crash after mountain adventures and become especially important if you’re allowing other people, friends, and strangers—and their kids, and potentially their pets—to visit. And the third? A flat delivery and assembly fee of $100, anywhere in Colorado. Maybe it’s not such a pipe dream after all—at least when it comes to the furniture.

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