Nowadays, people don’t want to simply shop—they want to buy smart. They may accomplish that by clipping coupons, embracing minimalism, or focusing their dollars on local products and purveyors. Whatever method they choose, one thing remains the same: People are thinking about where and how to spend their hard-earned dollars.

It’s the same philosophy MegaFauna owner John McCaskill is employing at his store. “There’s a reemergence of ‘made in America’—and there’s a value that comes with that,” he says. “I want to localize the value of a dollar.” MegaFauna, which opened in Five Points less than a year ago, is an artist collective that sells locally made apparel, jewelry, music, and print art. More than 50 local artists and designers sell their wares in the shop, and they all receive a percentage of sales of their pieces.

McCaskill, who was born and raised in Boulder, views MegaFauna as a retail platform for artists who know how to create but maybe need a hand with the business side of things. Conscious consumers—or tourists looking to take home a bit of the square state—can sort through racks and tables of vintage tees, consignment pieces, Colorado caps, and hand-cut jewelry. (Don’t see a size you like? Custom requests are accepted.) Some of my favorite products are Blue Sky Above and Re-Tired Generation’s earrings made from recycled bike tubes and Derailed Ink’s clever, screen-printed Larimer T-shirt.

“I want to be the business that goes goes out and helps champion these artists,” McCaskill says. If that’s not enough: The average price tag is just $30.

Stop by: MegaFauna helps get the word out about the store—and the artists featured within—through regular events. This Saturday, enjoy complimentary food and beverages during “It’s a MF Art Show: The Extraordinary Artwork of Cody Kuehl.” Experience Kuehl’s comic book/cartoon-like pieces while also viewing work by other local artists and listening to live music.

2701 Larimer St., 720-982-8049

—Images courtesy of MegaFauna

Daliah Singer
Daliah Singer
Daliah Singer is an award-winning writer and editor based in Denver. You can find more of her work at