From time to time, there’s talk of realignment in the world of college sports, in which universities would switch conferences to pursue better opportunities. Now, two recent reports suggest the University of Colorado may be considering a move to the Pac-10, a West Coast conference that includes schools like Oregon, Arizona, University of Southern California, University of California-Los Angeles, and Washington, among others.

ESPN reports that the Pac-10 commissioner has said he wants to take a look at an expansion of up to 12 teams, which would allow the conference to split into divisions and hold a championship game. The Pac-10 courted CU and the University of Texas in the mid-1990s before the two schools joined the Big 12.

The timing makes sense: The Pac-10 television contracts expire after the 2011-12 academic year, although nothing is imminent. The decision will come down to the mighty dollar, and in that sense CU would be a good addition, bringing the Colorado market into the fold.

ESPN acknowledges that it could be hard to pry CU out of the Big 12, known for several sports powerhouses, especially in football. The Omaha World-Herald, however, also wonders if CU could head to the Pac-10, along with the University of Utah. And while it’s all very speculative, maybe a conference switch is what the Buffs need. The Buffs are mired in a tough stretch, ranking near the bottom of the Big 12 in almost everything.