They’re words no mother wants to hear: “Ma’am your baby is fat—make that obese.” Yes, the word “fat” can be cruel, and as girth-some babies are learning in Colorado, if you’re too fat, you may be rejected for health insurance, even if your parents want to buy it for you. That is, unless you’re lucky enough to make headlines, as has big-little Alex Lange, who at four months old weighs in at 17 pounds.

“The infant’s father works at NBC affiliate KKCO-TV in Grand Junction and news accounts about the boy’s rejection made national headlines,” writes The Associated Press.

That’s not to say families with connections in the news industry get any kind of special favors from the likes of Grand Junction-based Rocky Mountain Health Plans. But on Monday, the insurer said it would change its policy, covering babies “that are healthy but fat,” writes the AP. The company added that Alex Lange’s rejection was due to “a flaw in our underwriting system.”

Now that that’s settled, does anyone think ABC’s headline, “Fat Baby Gets Health Insurance,” was mean?