When I first moved to Colorado many years ago, I was perplexed by the fact that liquor stores were closed on Sundays and grocery stores could only sell 3.2 beer. By now, I’m accustomed to it.

While attempts to change the “blue laws” have been made and failed before, there’s more attention being paid this year. After the new year, the Colorado legislature will consider bills to allow liquor stores to conduct business on Sundays and grocery stores to sell full strength beer and wine.

Liquor store owners are opposed, saying it will increase their overhead and be the end of many “mom and pop” type stores. Plus, they like having a day off.

David Harsanyi in the Denver Post provides the arguments for repeal of the laws.

What do you think? Are the big stores trying to carve themselves a bigger piece of the pie and cut out the mom and pop stores or is it a matter of customer convenience and doing away with obsolete laws?