State Senator Suzanne Williams has returned to the Capitol, her first public appearance since a tragic car accident last month in which she allegedly veered into the center lane, colliding with another vehicle, killing a pregnant woman from Amarillo, Texas, and forcing the early delivery of the child. Life hasn’t been any easier since for Williams, who has been pulled from her post as chairwoman of the powerful Senate Transportation Committee. The announcement came earlier this week from Senate Majority Leader John Morse: “It is in the best interest of Senator Williams to devote herself to the long and painful process ahead, for her to assist, as she is able, in the recovery of her family and the victims of this horrendous tragedy” (via the Denver Daily News). But apparently for some, that’s not enough.

“Multiple sources” tell The Denver Post local leaders have tried to convince Williams to resign because of the accident, which also left Williams’ own 41-year-old son injured, along with her two grandchildren. Williams, who has fought for seatbelt and child-restraint legislation in past years, allegedly placed her three-year-old grandson in a car seat after he was ejected from the car, but Williams has said she doesn’t recall all the events of that day. A grand jury is expected to look into the incident. “Obviously, I’m not go to be saying any more about that at this time. We’re here to do business. This is the first day of the session, and I’m glad to be back,” she said yesterday.