5280: How do single Denverites meet?

Nicole I recently tried Tinder. It’s just a giant joke. I was propositioned for three separate threesomes.

Joey Tinder is sort of like drunk texting.

Nicole I haven’t had much luck at the bars, either.

Joey They get pretty sloppy. I meet a lot of people through sports. I play volleyball three times a week. I play kickball. If you’re active, you’re going to meet active people.

Nicole A lot of the men here are transplants. They come to Colorado with the idea of adventure, so they go skiing all the time, they go hiking, they do all these things, which is fabulous. But they don’t really need a girl because they have their bros. And Tinder.

Joey I moved here when I was 25, and that’s all I was after—my next adventure. In my 30s, I’ve slowed down.

5280: What are some good date spots?

Joey On my first date with my ex-girlfriend, we went to a haunted corn maze in Erie. We grabbed a light dinner and then spent the evening wandering around, getting spooked out. It was a lot of fun.

Nicole For a first date, that’s a lot of time with one person. Go with something small for a first date. I live right next to Denver Beer Co., so that’s my go-to spot. Then a dinner date, maybe Sushi Sasa, La Biblioteca, or Zengo.

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