If you mistakenly thought Green Rush Cafe was yet another Boulder dispensary, you wouldn’t be the first. In fact, this six-month-old business is a casual restaurant specializing in Japanese teas and rice dishes with a focus on organic sencha and matcha drinks as well as entrées of onigiri (Japanese rice balls) and donburi bowls. The closest this place comes to anything related to Mary Jane is the shot of hemp milk you can add to a latte.

The food is still a work in progress but the frothy sencha latte with steamed organic milk and finely ground organic tea leaves is worthy of its own trip. The earthy taste and smooth finish both comforts and satisfies. The bonus is that the anytime-drink loads you up with antioxidants.

If you’re hungry: Try the teriyaki chicken “don” bowl where a healthy portion of chicken arrives nicely seasoned and marinated hard-boiled eggs add a subtle touch of soy and mirin. However, make sure to ask for additional sauce to boost the dish’s rather bland rice and undressed veggies.

2018 Broadway, Boulder, 720-550-7979