I must admit that I find this current juice trend somewhat perplexing. On the occasion that my Sunday morning necessitates pure sorcery for forward motion, then sure—hand me a glass. But between the weekday hours of noon and two o’clock, I’ll pass. The influx of liquid nutrients does wonders for quenching my thirst, but my appetite inevitably spikes. And I’m left foraging the menu’s entrée section for something that I can, well, chew.

But, before I go waging war with the rest of Denver, allow me to share my experience at Capitol Hill’s City O’ City. Ponied up at the bar in the back of the restaurant, I barely glanced at the menu before going with the bartender’s suggestion. Before I knew it, a large green juice was headed straight toward me. I surveyed the frothy mixture—called a “bebida verde”—before hesitantly taking a sip. Well folks, one was all it took. That day I learned the secret to any trending juice recipe: just add booze.

In the bebida verde, smoky mezcal mixes with kale, fennel, cucumber, lemonade, and celery. The forceful impact of the liquor sensationalizes the freshly blended raw ingredients. Complemented by agave syrup, garnished with a slice of fresh ginger, and served in a large mason jar, this cocktail caters to most every urban passerby—even me.

206 E. 13th Ave., 303-831-6443