What happens when a new bar invites the whole town in for free food and drinks during its grand opening party? Not surprisingly, complete chaos.

Last night’s grand opening celebration for the Ginn Mill at 2041 Larimer was insane. It was packed — free drinks do draw a crowd — and if that was their main intention, then the party was a success. But you could hardly see the space or get a feel for the atmosphere of the place due to the throngs of people jammed into every corner.

I wiggled through the crowd to check it out as best I could, and from what I could see, I like the space. It’s a long, narrow, Lodo warehouse building with wood floors, bare brick walls, and the original tin ceilings from the late 1800’s. Above the front bar sits half of an old Chevy pickup, added as decoration to increase the “speakeasy” vibe that the owners were going for, and it works. The back opens through a raised garage door onto a nice enclosed sized patio set up with an additional bar and a live band. As far as drinks go, I never made it to either bar; the masses crowding around both were at leaset six people deep and it seemed far too daunting to squeeze in.

I guess I’ll have to try again soon. And if the crowds continue to flock to the bar? Like we found last night, there’s always room at good old Herb’s Hideout, right next door.