At West Wash Park’s Bittersweet, head chef Olav Peterson is all about rich simplicity. Peterson says he builds his menu with “a belief that less is more.” The same is true for the restaurant’s bar program, which Peterson describes as having an “anti-mixologist” concept. Bittersweet’s boozy digs are run by Rob Sowards, who you’ll find behind the three-seat countertop five nights a week. One of his best creations is a two-ingredient drink dubbed the Golden Delicious. The way Sowards tells it, guests request the cocktail year-round, but it’s only available during December and January.

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The Golden Delicious is made with one Honeycrisp apple and about two ounces of Zubrówka Vodka. The Western Slope-grown apple is cut into quarters and run through a masticating juicer that chops it into tiny chunks, and then slowly pumps it through a strainer. This type of juicer almost aerates the pulp. After the two ingredients are shaken and poured together, the sweet, fresh, and frothy juice nearly masks the smooth, bison grass vodka. (Although, after finishing one glass, which has almost a double pour of liquor, you’re certain to feel its effect.) Celebrate the Golden Delicious’ short season with a visit to Bittersweet soon—Peterson estimates the sought-after cocktail will only be available until mid-January.

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Jerilyn Forsythe
Jerilyn Forsythe
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