Autumn doesn’t just signal falling leaves and Thanksgiving, it also means indulging in entirely too much of, well, anything made with apple cider. That includes big mugs of Harvest Chai at Common Grounds.

Picture a chai latte, but swap out the milk for piping hot steamed cider. Dashed with cinnamon and infused with a tea bag, this hot beverage brings spiced cider to a new level. The spiciness of the Republic of Tea black chai (which Common Grounds’ baristas bag in house) blends with the tartness of the apple cider for a cozy taste of fall.

Bonus: Another drink tailor made for fall is Tea Bar‘s Mile High Chai. Here, baristas combine Bhakti Chai, steamed milk, and a toddy shot for a spicy, high-octane beverage.

Common Grounds: 1550 17th St., 303-296-9248 and 3484 W. 32nd Ave., 303-458-5248

Tea Bar, 2900 Zuni St., 303-573-0710

—Image courtesy of Rachel Nobrega