Craft. Local. Specialty. Those words don’t have to imply “more expensive.” Sure, high-quality ingredients usually equate to more balanced drink but sometimes paying $12 just feels wrong. Enter Angelshare, a limited-time program that connects local distillers and local imbibers—that would be you—over $5 drinks.

The premise: Six Colorado distillers and six bars pair off for two weeks at a time to create a new cocktail based on that installment’s theme (think Ancestrals or Tropicals, Punches & Patio Cocktails). The distillers and bars swap teams for a total of 12 weeks (the series kicked off January 29 and runs through April 22) until everyone has worked together. The goal is to create conversation among those (professional, amateur, or otherwise) who love local spirits. You can thank the good folks at Industry Denver, the Denver Passport, Denver Off the Wagon, and Imbibe for the idea.

The participating spirit makers are Breckenridge Distillery, Dancing Pines Distillery,Deerhammer Distilling Company, Downslope Distilling, Feisty Spirits, and J&L Distilling Company.

Yesterday was the start of Angleshare’s Mardi Gras installment. Head to the Curtis Club for the Bourbon Deauville (pictured), a collaboration with Breckenridge that combines the distillery’s bourbon, Calvados (an apple brandy), Triple Sec, and lemon juice. The smooth blend is reminiscent of a grown-up whiskey sour, and it’s the perfect after-work drink on a chilly day.

In the mood for something else? Coohills, Jax Denver, Star Bar, Freshcraft, and Lola are all participating in Angelshare. Ask your server to find out what’s on offer this week. But go soon: it’ll be something new in two weeks.

Bonus: Jim Meehan, revered mixologist and deputy editor for Food & Wine Cocktails, explains the reasoning behind pricey cocktails.

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Daliah Singer
Daliah Singer
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