Whether you’re a full-time teetotaler or just DD for the night, nursing water or a soft drink isn’t exactly thrilling. But you’re in luck: The Corner Office offers alternatives to the Shirley Temple standby.

I’ve never been a drinker so I was anxious to see how the downtown spot’s nonalcoholic offerings stacked up. Served in a stylish martini glass, the bar’s virgin Other Woman (pictured) immediately feels more grown-up than the average glass of soda water with lime. The blend of ginger beer, strawberry purée, and pineapple juice arrives garnished with a perfect corkscrew of citrus peel. The drink is a fresh and slightly fizzy concoction (it’s shaken so the bubbliness fades away), and the zest and pineapple tang counter the ginger beer’s spiciness.

Other nonalcoholic options include the avocado and jalepeño Senorita Verde, blackberry and limeade Broken Berries, and the fruity Honey Pot, which is made with local honey.

Pair any of the mocktails with the Corner Office’s Hungarian flatbread with dry-cured ham, Gouda, and caramelized onions, and you’re no longer banished to boring land.

Bonus: Looking for something a little more tart? Swing by the Curtis Club for the Hibiscus Spritz. Sharp hibiscus syrup blends into a beautiful violet ombre with sparkling ginger beer and lime. Sip slowly to appreciate the floral notes of the spritz and avoid going overboard on acidity.

The Corner Office, 1401 Curtis St., 303-825-6500

The Curtis Club, 2100 Curtis St., 720-420-9898