Bar Fausto’s second cocktail menu since opening features a couple of intriguing drinks—milky, creamy, smoky, spicy concoctions—that go down mighty nice on a cold winter’s night. The drinks are complicated, but focused and delicious.

#17 (in lieu of names, Bar Fausto numbers its featured cocktails, retiring popular drinks to regular rotation after each new seasonal set is introduced) blends mezcal, coconut cream, cucumber mint cordial, lime, and grapefruit bitters. If you’re thinking a lot could go wrong with that combo, no kidding. For one thing, I’m leery of vegetable flavors in my drinks. For another, the smoke and heat of mezcal, like that of an Islay Scotch, can throw a cocktail off kilter. But #17 is remarkable: The coconut gives it creamy mouthfeel, the herbs and citrus marry nicely, and the mezcal has just the right authority. There’s a dusting of lime peel on the huge block of ice. This is a short sipper.

If you like a longer drink, try #13, a variation on a classic fizz that combines Leopold Bros. New York apple whiskey, ginger, spiced honey, lemon, nutmeg, and something called “egg yolk soda.” It has the unlikely charm of a New York egg cream, the spicy cheer of Christmas, and a nice gingery bite.

There are eight other cocktails on menu number two. I intend to go back for another sampling very soon.

3126 Larimer St., 720-593-1260