Yes, it’s cold outside, but milkshakes are a year-round pleasure, especially if you are drinking the house-spun Strawberry Bourbon Milkshake at at Boulder’s West End Tavern. Made with ice cream and West End’s own strawberry-infused bourbon, the shake is best sipped through a straw. While you may not have West End’s bourbon in your liquor cabinet, you can still whip up a near perfect replica. Warning: If you drink too quickly you could end up with a cold headache and a buzz.

You’ll need:

1 1/2 shots bourbon whiskey

1 1/3 cups strawberry ice cream

Handful of fresh strawberries


In a blender mix together the bourbon and berries, and blend until they are still a bit choppy. Then add ice cream and blend on the lowest setting to make sure the drink stays creamy.

—Image courtesy of Gemma Solomons

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