I’ll be honest: I had never even heard of a Moscow Mule until I moved to Denver. Yet at first sip, I was hooked. The ginger beer is forever refreshing, and the copper mug crisps and metallicizes the flavor in an addicting kind of way. It might actually be my favorite cocktail—if it’s done well, that is. So I gave Woody Creek Distillers a call—5280‘s own Chris Outcalt chose their signature potato vodka as a personal top pick after reporting for Top Shelf—to ask how they like to mix their mules. Here’s their recipe.

You’ll need:

A copper mug

Fresh lime juice

2 ounces Woody Creek Distillers Signature Potato Vodka

3 dashes Angostura bitters

1 bottle of Fever-Tree ginger beer

1 lime wedge


Combine the vodka, bitters, and lime juice in the copper mug. Top of with ginger beer, usually about 3 to 4 ounces worth. Stir, garnish with a lime wedge, and serve.

—Image courtesy of Tracey Snow

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Jerilyn Forsythe
Jerilyn Forsythe
Jerilyn Forsythe is a freelance writer and editor, and 5280's former digital associate editor. Follow her on Instagram or Twitter @jlforsyt.