These days, condoms are prone to be dispersed with some sort of public-health message.

At the World Cup in South Africa, for instance, cases of rubbers are displayed in women’s restrooms printed with a toll-free number for an AIDS Hotline and illustrations indicating how to use and dispose of them (via The Washington Post).

Meanwhile, a new condom is making its debut from Boulder. Sir Richard’s, branded with the slogan “Doing Good Never Felt Better,” takes the idea of “think global, act local” to heart: The company will donate a condom for each one sold as a way to improve public health around the world, writes the Daily Camera.

The new prophylactics, manufactured in Malaysia, will be marketed to women, college students, and the gay community by using a “very disruptive” product design: a colorful plaid print with Sir Richard’s logo.

Moreover, the condom is vegan-friendly—made without casein, a dairy byproduct often used in manufacturing.

“Our demographic is more sensitive to the ingredients,” says Boulder resident and co-founder Mathew Gerson.