This month, fresh-faced students at Colorado’s 425 colleges and universities will don caps and gowns to accept the Gothic-font-filled diplomas that prove all those years of partying, or, uh, cramming, have paid off—even if they studied Applied Shakespeare. Seriously, Mom and Dad: Don’t panic. These obscure-sounding degrees can translate into real Colorado jobs, demonstrating your little graduate made at least one good decision during college.

Automotive Customization Degree

Red Rocks Community College

Colorado’s high number of crashes—120,167 in 2015, more than occurred in any of our neighboring states—means bodywork skills are in high demand. Especially for those who specialize in Subarus.

Applied Shakespearegraduate certificate

University of Colorado Boulder

“O career, career! Wherefore art thou, career?” Answer: in Colorado (although an Applied Shakespeare grad would tell you “wherefore” actually means “why,” not “where”), ranked third in the nation for live theater attendance. That equates to more opportunities for thespians and stage managers.

Aging Services Leadership Minor

Metropolitan State University of Denver

The state’s growing population of seniors, expected to climb from less than 700,000 to 1.4 million by 2037, will need help managing their finances, health care, and assisted-living facilities as they age.

Fine Woodworking degree

Red Rocks Community College

Last year, the spruce beetle damaged about 350,000 acres of local forests, leaving behind tons of dead but beautifully marbled timber—fodder for furniture businesses that can’t custom-build beetle-kill tables fast enough for Colorado’s artisan-obsessed customers.

Historic Building Technology degree

Lamar Community College

The cranes punctuating Denver’s skyline aren’t just there for new structures. Our state digs prettying up and repurposing old buildings (think: Baur’s Restaurant and Listening Lounge, Tivoli Brewing Co., the Source)—so much so that Colorado offers a tax credit for the renovation of certain historic buildings.

Transpersonal Wilderness Therapy concentration*

Naropa University

Given the Centennial State’s proclivity for outdoor adventures, counseling that emphasizes a relationship with nature seems like it would be helpful for the 148,000 Colorado adults dealing with serious mental illness.

*Degree is in clinical mental health counseling