Scott Filler was probably hoping for a certain amount of relaxation when he planned a trip with his son to Beaver Creek Ski Resort. But rage reportedly got the best of the Georgia man, after a teenage girl swerved into his four-year-old son while trying to avoid a fallen skier. The girl was on a beginner run in a ski-school class, and apparently fell alongside Filler’s son, writes the Vail Daily. That’s when local authorities say Filler jumped on top of the 14-year-old and used his fists to punch her face. A ski instructor allegedly had to intervene to prevent Filler from further pounding the girl, who was whisked to a medical clinic and treated for minor injuries.

Vail Resorts has released a statement saying it “has zero tolerance for aggressive behavior at any of our resorts,” and has yanked Filler’s skiing privileges at all six of its mountains (via The Associated Press). Filler is facing a misdemeanor child abuse charge, and District Attorney Mark Hurlbert tells the Daily a conviction could result in up to two years in county jail. Filler apparently apologized to the girl only after determining that his son was OK.