When Warren Miller Entertainment’s latest bit of ski porn, Chasing Shadows, premieres in Denver next week, be on the lookout for professional skier Lexi Dupont. The University of Colorado Boulder grad (she studied screenprinting and art history) traveled to Valdez, Alaska, to shoot with fellow female ski powerhouses Amie Engerbretson and McKenna Peterson, the first all-female crew for the ski and snowboard film company. Translation: Dupont is a badass. Which is why we decided to pick the 26-year-old’s brain about where we should travel this ski season—and what we absolutely need to pack.


  • Alaska. Duh.
  • Japan. “It’s a great way to start the season, get warmed up,” Dupont says. “It’s not necessarily challenging skiing, but it’s pure enjoyment because of the powder.”
  • Sun Valley. “Skiing with my family—that’s always the best.”
  • Crested Butte Mountain Resort. “I lived in Crested Butte for a little while. The ski touring is amazing; the terrain is so amazing. I also really try and avoid crowds. CB definitely has a piece of my heart.”
  • Silverton Mountain. Silverton is one of my top five places in the world because of how unique it is. It really feels like backcountry, but it has this one lift. It’s so special.”


  • An extra pair of clothes and underwear in her carry-on. “Because you never know if your bags are going to show up.”
  • Cashmere Pashmina. “My favorite winter travel buddy. It’s kind of like a blanket but also a scarf. It’s cozy.”
  • Sorel boots and a pair of running shoes. “Those are the two pairs of shoes that I have.”
  • Air bag. The avalanche kind. “ABS‘ are harder to travel with than BCAs.”
  • Eddie Bauer downlight sweater. (Disclosure: The company is one of her sponsors.)
  • Goggles. That typically includes two frames and “as many lenses as I can fit.”
  • Two pairs of gloves. “I always have a dry pair of gloves in my backpack once I get to the location.”
  • Stance socks. (Another sponsor.)
  • Hydro Flask water bottle.
  • Stoked Goods chapstick.
  • Hitcase camera iPhone case.

DUPONT’S BIG TIP: “Traveling with your skis is always an ordeal. You have to be prepared for luggage fees. And carry your boots on the plane. One: It makes your [checked] bags a bit lighter. Two: If your bags are lost, you can always go into a local ski shop and rent skis, and at least you have your ski boots. It’s hard to rent ski boots.”

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Catch Chasing Shadows at the Paramount Theatre November 19 through 21. Tickets are $25.

—Image courtesy of Coco Knudson

Daliah Singer
Daliah Singer
Daliah Singer is an award-winning writer and editor based in Denver. You can find more of her work at daliahsinger.com.