Respected chefs such as Frasca Food and Wine’s Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson and Black Cat’s Eric Skokan have helped Boulder earn its culinary chops as “America’s Foodiest Town” (thank you, Bon Appétit). And now, thanks to Casey Easton, foodies can enjoy that level of quality in a space that feels more like home. In April, the 39-year-old personal chef opened Food Lab, a relaxed, 2,000-square-foot venue on Pearl Street where amateurs hone their cooking techniques at a low cost. Participants choose three-hour classes, ranging from basic knife skills ($65) to “Aromas of India” ($75), or sit back and enjoy demonstration dinners ($75 and up), in which local chefs prepare multicourse meals—and provide recipes to take home. “I want people to walk in and feel comfortable,” Easton says, “like they’re at somebody’s dinner party.” Easton hopes to build relationships with nearby farms and use plenty of local foodstuffs, potentially even creating a class that uses a typical CSA box of produce. Consider Food Lab to have all the ingredients you need to become the next Top Chef—right in your own kitchen.