It turns out your mother was right; making the bed does help you sleep better. According to a poll from the National Sleep Foundation, respondents who made their beds daily were 19 percent more likely to get a good night’s rest. Thankfully, a Boulder entrepreneur has made the task even easier.

In December, Simplified Bedding released a patented duvet cover/flat sheet system that creates a perfectly made bed in five seconds flat. “You just pull up the duvet, throw on the pillows, and your bed is made,” says Emily Stinchcomb, owner and developer of Simplified Bedding.

Designed to do more than just save time, Stinchcomb’s integrated system attaches a special flat sheet to the duvet cover with a hidden zipper. This means no more getting the two twisted and misaligned, which was once a nightly issue for Stinchcomb. “In college I gave up on the top sheet and just used a comforter,” she says. “But after I got married, my husband and I thought, We’re grown-ups now, we should use a real sheet.”

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Inspiration came to Stinchcomb in France. Up in the middle of the night suffering from jet lag, she marveled at the perfection of the hotel bed—fitted sheet on the bottom and only a soft cotton duvet for cover. “I was wide awake and thought, This is so nice; there’s no sheet to get tangled up in. I’m so comfortable! Why can’t I figure out how to do this at home?

Stinchcomb thought the European mindset for bed-making was a good start, but she didn’t want to wash her duvet cover every time she changed the sheets. Enter: Simplified Bedding, designed so the flat sheet can be easily removed, thanks to a special combination of hidden zippers and Velcro, for laundering. (A generous top overlap ensures sleeping faces rest against the sheet, not the duvet itself.)

She initially devised the system with children’s bedding, but following a successful Kickstarter campaign moved into traditional mattress sizes: twin, queen, and king. All items are white and made from extremely soft 300-thread-count cotton. You can get yours online; sets start at $159 and include an integrated duvet cover and one flat sheet. Additional flat sheets can be purchased separately—extra winks are free of charge.