With so much grandeur to see and so many high-elevation vantage points from which to see it, Coloradans can become immune to the natural beauty that surrounds them. Not at Cloud Camp. Here, the 360-degree panorama of Pikes Peak to the north, the Rockies to the west, and the plains to the east reminds us just how geographically blessed we are. Planted at 9,200 feet atop Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs, Cloud Camp—which opens for its first full season this month—is the newest addition to the Broadmoor’s expanding portfolio of “Wilderness Experience” accommodations. Built on the site of Broadmoor founder Spencer Penrose’s original 1926 Cheyenne Lodge, Cloud Camp is designed to feel like the timber-and-stone hotels found in national parks—and the all-inclusive elements encourage guests to act like they’re visiting one, too. The (eyebrow-raising) price of a night in one of the six lodge rooms or 11 cabins includes guided hikes, mule rides, nature walks, outdoor yoga sessions, cooking demonstrations, and cocktail hours. Although there’s a lot to love about this most recent member of the Broadmoor clan, if we had to choose our favorite part, it’s this: The masterminds behind Cloud Camp (the Anschutz family) converted the property’s old fire tower into a two-story suite (pictured) complete with a separate viewing room available to the public when the suite isn’t occupied. Trust us: Watching the sun rise from this lofty perch will ensure you never take Colorado for granted again. From $750 per night (double occupancy); broadmoor.com/cloud-camp