The large, white, UFO-looking house that peers out over I-70—known as the “Sleeper House” for its role in the Woody Allen flick Sleeper—could soon be owned by a bank and become a fixer-upper. The Denver Business Journal reports that the “futuristic house” (at least by 1970s standards) plunked atop Genesee Mountain is for sale. A foreclosure filing was recently made against the home, owned by Michael Dunahay, who has a $3.13 million mortgage with Bayview Loan Servicing LLC, as the mortgage lender’s trustee. The home is famed for its appearance in the 1973 film, a “love story about two people who hate each other,” only set 200 years in the future (via Internet Movie Database). The approximately 7,000-square-foot, three-story residence was built in 1963 by the late architect Charles Deaton and is called “curve-a-linear” because there are no straight walls (and the place looks like a UFO), according to an old 7News interview with Deaton.