When they were introduced in the 1920s, slip dresses provided a welcome alternative to the previous era’s breath-stealing corsets. But—minus a brief resurrection by Courtney Love and her flock of grunge fans—the loose, light garments have largely gone the way of the horse and carriage. Until now. Spring 2014 sees a revival of the slip dress as the focal point of your outfit. Pair these three sleek options with modern accessories for a surprisingly chic look.

Haute Hippie silk dress
$345, Neiman Marcus, 303-329-2600, neimanmarcus.com

Vince silk dress
$395, Nordstrom, 720-746-2424, hop.nordstrom.com

Elizabeth and James polyester dress
$395, Nordstrom

Rick Owens clutch
$390, Max, 303-321-4949, maxclothing.com

Morra Designs gold and silver bangles
$25 each, Blush, 303-399-7779, shop-blush.com

Miu Miu skate sneaker
$490, Nordstrom