Small plates—especially those from Beatrice & Woodsley—are the perfect solution for late-night dining when a full meal is too much of a commitment.

Last week, after a cultural event downtown, a friend and I stopped by the South Broadway restaurant and ordered three small but hugely satisfying dishes. We started with the sprouts and spuds, which combine deeply caramelized Brussels sprouts and roasted potatoes atop a creamy apple-parsnip purée. We then dove into the vegetables Bombay—three small bowls of spiced deliciousness: a smooth, red lentil and chickpea purée, a nicely textured curry-coconut basmati rice, and a goat’s milk vegetable chutney—served with crispy flatbread. Finally, we ordered the braised oxtail, with succulent, shredded meat served atop a thin potato galette and capped with a petite quail egg and tangy blue cheese.

The dishes, combined with Beatrice & Woodsley’s romantic, woodsy-urban decor, made for an extremely satisfying late-night sojourn.

38 S. Broadway, 303-777-3505