You’ll find a singular blend of nerdiness and daring at Boulder’s Junkyard Social Club. “It’s a place for communities to come together to unwind, to celebrate, and to hatch big plans,” says Jill Katzenberger, co-founder and executive director of the all-ages, 8,500-square-foot learning and event space, which, after soft-launching in 2021, had its grand opening this past March. “We strive to create diverse and unique situations that inspire new conversations and ideas,” she says. In practice, that means you’ll find summer campers ($95 per day) and homeschoolers ($20 per class) building flying machines in the tinkering space while tykes explore climbable sculptures and the two-story playground—much of it sourced from scrap yards—during open play hours (Tuesday through Sunday; $12 per day). Families can catch concerts and circus acts, and on the second Thursday of each month, adult Catan enthusiasts sip on pints from the cafe during drop-in board game nights. Or leave the kids behind for the club’s second annual Smash the Patriarchy event on August 19 (from $25). The adult-focused show will raise funds to protect access to reproductive health care and feature live music, drag, and the chance to vent by breaking some inanimate objects, which, last year, included china plates and an old sedan.