Mamas-to-be fervently fight urges to gnaw on chocolate, sea saltpotato chips, and greasy drive-through combos. They’re hungry. Happily, University of Denver alum Stephanie Baker has figured out a better way to fill growling tummies. In the spring of 2013, the now 27-year-old created CredibleCravings organic bars ($2.99 each), which are made with only whole-food ingredients such as kale, almond butter, quinoa, and cacao. “Nutrition is critical for the prevention of diseases,” Baker says. “When you look at the time frame when diet matters the most, it’s the prenatal time period, when the fetus is developing.” Flavors include lemon ginger greens, oatmeal cranberry, and chocolate. Although developed with soon-to-be and new mothers in mind, these bars are tasty enough that our office stash disappeared within minutes, despite the fact that no one was expecting.