I mentioned here recently that DeVotchKa scored huge at the Sundance Film Festival, by doing the entire film score for festival buzz flick Little Miss Sunshine. And though that still holds true in terms of importance to the band, it seems that the film fest experience itself left singer Nick Urata with a seriously bad taste in his mouth.

“I have never been to Sundance and I don’t think I want to return,” he told me recently in an e-mail. “It was a once in a lifetime moment to see our first film realized, with an audience of movie stars, and get a standing ovation. But as soon as it was over reality set in, we could not get into one film, party or bar. If you want to feel like a worthless frozen peice of s#*t, visit the Sundance Film Fest.”

Yikes. Poor guy. Guess he’s not letting Hollywood go to his head. Or rather, guess Hollywood wasn’t letting him go find a cocktail. But the band loved the overall experience, and he’s definitely up for doing another film if the opportunity arises.

“This process was different in that the directors had the final say on every note,” he said. “In this case it was good because they had a very strong musical vision and great instincts. The music really has the final say on what emotion you feel in a scene. In this film we had to be very careful because we needed to be funny without being dorky and sad without being too tragic.”

Sounds like the fest might be forever skippable, but this film is one I can’t wait to see.