The site where the bones of a prehistoric mammoth were found near Snowmass Village keeps growing. The skull of a massive bison has now been found at the Ziegler Reservoir dig area, along with a deer-like animal, giant sloth, mastodon—the list goes on. The horn of the Ice Age bison is so large it was initially mistaken for a mammoth or mastodon tusk. As the digging took place, scientists uncovered horns six feet apart—twice the size of a modern bison, notes the Glenwood Springs Post Independent. “I’m trying to think of a cooler fossil that I’ve ever seen in my life,” says Dr. Kirk Johnson, the chief curator and vice president of research and collections for the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, which will house the findings back in Denver. Another bison found at the site may have been a younger animal of the same species.

CBS4 has video of the dig.