I’ve taken up a new hobby. Actually, I suppose we’ll see if it turns into a proper hobby, since I’ve only just begun, but I took my very first ballroom dance class last night. In our first lesson, hubby and I learned the basic steps for the foxtrot, the jitterbug, and the rumba. Granted, we’re far from becoming the next hot commodity on a prime-time TV show, but still. According to our instructor we have excellent rhythm, even if we do need to work on our balance and style.

The Arthur Murray dance studio where we signed up isn’t much to look at from the outside, plopped as it is in a strip mall between a tropical fish store and the Tropicana night club in southeast Denver. But the instructors are professional, earnest, and most importantly, incredibly patient. We’re in for a long road ahead before we’ll be whirling and twirling — rather than stiffly stomping — around the dance floor with grace and ease. But I can’t help think how cool it will be to go to the Mercury Cafe for their tango or swing dance night, La Rumba for salsa night, or some fancy formal party, and actually be brave enough to step out in style. Think you’re up for it too? The studio is offering a great intro package, with two private lessons, two group lessons, and one practice party for just $95. I’m pretty sure we’ll need more than a handful of lessons to get to where I’d like to be, but hey, it’s a start, right? Maybe next year I might really be dancing with — or at least, like — the stars.