Some food lovers thrive in the kitchen; others prosper in the garden. For those of us equally inept in both arenas, there’s Soe Harvest. Launched in 2016, the Westminster company provides garden planning and consulting services for rookies and veterans eager to grow—and eat—their own organic produce. Founder Jessi Burg typically starts by asking clients two questions: “What do you like to eat?” and “How much time do you like to spend in your garden?” From there, starting at $125 for a 50-square-foot plot, Soe Harvest designs your custom garden, builds it, and advises you about what and when to plant. For example, this month Burg recommends planting perennial herbs, summer squash, and tomatoes to harvest when it’s hot. Soe Harvest also offers seasonal classes. When winter hits, clients learn about freezing, canning, and preserving; in spring, it’s all about garden bed planning, including how to create a kid-friendly patch with fruits and veggies. So even if you’re not the greatest gardener, your little sprout can learn to be one.